Dec 292015
Ancestral worship and ancestors beliefs

  This is also known as animism or the universal religion of Africa. In fact also quite common factors within  many other religions, such as catholicism,  buddhism and many others including ancient civilisations.  Very prevalent amongst Africans, and a core with the witchcraft doctors, also called sangomas. The interesting thing is the evil similarities that […]

Dec 272015
TITHING A deception or truth?

This is a very important one, to understand how far we have fallen in our deceptions…. Churches for most are wealthy and should be regarded the way Jesus regarded the moneychangers in the temple…. Tithing..but its in the bible……Yes it is. Then study what the bible says, it is specific way of offering from your […]

Dec 202015
Truth about Christmas and Easter - unbiblical

The question really becomes What is the truth about these festive days celebrated by christians and non-Christians the world over, and does God want us to keep them? Are we warned about these religious traditions of men in scripture? Answer is absolutely, Yes. Do these days have anything to do with God? Answer is absolutely, […]

Dec 042015
Creation and Evolution

Creation and Evolution “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Gen. 1:1). Despite the clear evidence against Evolution, it dominates the classroom and society and has had a devastating effect on belief in the Bible. For many, faith in Evolution replaces the need for faith in God and this suits their itching […]

Dec 012015
Predestination *** Its no puzzlement, Gods word is perfect as He is.

Gods word is perfectly clear and true. Firstly understand unless one is  saved by Jesus Christ who is God you are unable to understand scripture. That said, the world is filled with deception and lies from self ordained church leaders, tele- evangelisrts, pastors, scholars and theologians who trust their own understandings or those doctrines of […]