Jun 262019
bible key

In most bible it is translated like this, as we read here in 1john 2 2 “He is the propitiation for our sins, and not for ours only but also for the sins of the whole world.”  I cannot see the word “all” ?
This LIE has been preached for many generations so near all, if not every christian ‘believes’ it, amongst the many many others. A lie is a lie.

This was done intently, and by sinister instructions, by the many preaching methodologies and strategies to woo new members, increasing the financial pools of the churches. It was also a common practice by the many unsaved church leaders with theologists pushed to use a single verse to create doctrines or false gospels.
let us read 1 john 2.2 from the original tongue translated as we read here “And He Himself is the propitiation relating to our sins, and not relating to ours only, but also relating to all the world” Related verse elsewhere confirm the TRUTH just as I give it.
As GOD never lies nor deceives the verse teaches that ANYONE in the whole world could come to salvation.
The TRUTH as I gave it is so simple that many especially christians who follow their religion instead of GOD cannot see it, nor wish to hear it.
Consider this question carefully “Did Jesus save every person He came across while walking on earth” ?? A BiG NO.
What does the spirit of GOD say? …. READ and STUDY the Word of GOD, the bible
“IF He ‘died’, meaning atoned for the sins of “ALL” then ALL be saved. And that is utter NONSENSE.
Those many who keep following the lies and deceptions will never be set free, this is your choice friend. You may not like the truth, even hate it and me, that I am used to, even insulted often so, however IF anyone hears truth and not rely on their own ‘understandings’ or the world, then SEEK Holy GOD, he or she, including yourself may see salvation come.
Hope this clears it up. Shalom.

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