Oct 272015
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Revelation 12:10 says that Satan was overcome by Salvation. So, Christians have already rejected Satan and his demons and been given eternal life through Jesus. Why then, are people here, so occupied with the preaching of the devil and his demons to the point where they’re no longer preaching the good news of Jesus’ coming to provide forgiveness of sins for all who will believe?

A brother of mine posted this above discussion on another site and it is really worth noting here. I will add my comments as I replied to it.

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      4 Responses to “Why is no one preaching the Good News?”



      GOD foretells us that judgement starts in churches… GOD allows satan to rule in each and every church to test believers…in the end they are driven out or heed His command to flee.


      He even explains the stars fallen from heaven and the moon shines no longer her light…this is exactly what the advent of the great tribulation age, the age that leads to immense persecution of true believers, immense deception that is so immaculate that it almost! deceives even the saved ones, the children of God (if it where possible, which is not because the believers unlike most Christians have the holy spirit and trust him alone)
      So yes the world is devoid of biblical truth, completely filled with deceptions mostly by Christian churches who are led by satan and his workers of deceit…
      The more believable  these workers sound the more you should be alert….and check with the bible GODs Holy Word…there is truth
      remember revelation also tells us in these last days ‘ the WHOLE world wanders (wonders org word) after the beast’  please note I changed the word to simplify the meaning of the verse…
      When those who seek GOD they will call out to Jesus Christ, it is foretold and then many will become saved. Shalom



        To clarify why I write wanders in place of wonders:

        When you study the verse in revelations carefully  where GOD says ‘the whole world wonders‘ right, that means and signifies that the whole world WONDERS, which means they focus themselves on the beast right?  Now when you take your focus off Jesus Christ unto the beast you follow the beast, in essence you wander after the beast… be it in wonder, in admiration, whatever it may be… the  meaning is merely expressing the amplified significance meaning of the verse…  the person starts following the beast power  (I had not the time earlier to go to  lengthy explanation of the verse)

        There are thousands and thousands of different examples out there…..



      I think the larger issue is here why is the Gospel of Jesus Christ that the disciples taught no longer in the world?


      We know from scripture that satan already planted ‘tares’ (lookalike followers) in the days the disciples where still alive in the ‘churches’….  that started the rot and ANYONE who tell me that in 2000 years it got better … has no sense at all. In fact satan planted the biggest church of them all, the catholic church, born from pagan worship cleverly mixed with early Christian biblical followers to establish the largest Christian church of them all, which persecuted and killed many believer and almost .. caused man never to see the advent of the Christian bible as we know it… maybe if they succeeded we would also never hear Gods word unless spoken by their appointed priests who are following and evil and wicked doctrine from their father…..  Thank God intervened by brave men who brought the reformation and eventually we are so BLESSED to have GODs word in print to hold, read and love…  


      Satan rules in each and every religion (incl Christianity) on earth. But freedom from their shackles and darkness comes by belief and trust in JESUS CHRIST and worship of our LORD, redeemer and our Father GOD ALMIGHTY…


      Then we can hear and see ! and proclaim the Good News of God into the world to every man, woman or child as we are able to.


      There may still bee some small congregations here and there trying their best to remain faithful, but be assured its like a pebble on a beach. In fact GOD teaches that the last days are likened the ‘days of Noe’ when man was unrepenting evil and there was ONE, note ONE man (out of millions)  preaching righteousness at those days…Noah… that’s why he and his family became saved…


      I have visited hundred’s and hundreds of congregations from all different denominations and I never ever heard once the word spoken that gave my soul peace and joy….and on TV the other hundreds plus are even worse….  in fact I have only ever heard ONE man speak or rather preach from the heart with the spirit of God…and although he has no church he has gathered hundreds of thousands of men to hear him speak of the Lord… my fellow beloved brother Angus Buchan … 


      So what does God want us to do?   Flee from the churches speaking lies and deceit (without looking back as Lots wife did)  and turn to Him in the heaven with prayer, with a contrite heart and have a relationship with Him, our beloved Lord JESUS CHRIST, the holy spirit of GOD..


      To those who have ears let them hear. Amen



      The sooner many realise that churches are mere building where millions of men, women and children gather mostly, to hopefully hear teaching from the bible is the factual truth. Most churches adhere to theologies by the unsaved leaders who serve largely their own desires and lusts, some may be sincere , but when unsaved they cannot understand scripture nor preach truth, so in the end they deceive millions. For many it is also a easy way of making money, many even becoming millionaires and billionaires in the process of their job, they are just like many others in the world, …but because they deceive the children GOD has cursed them and even warns in the bible that their end will be added wrath….
      that alone should make them tremble in fear, but they do not, most are arrogant, and filled with pride coming with their false gospels, doctrines of men and lies from their father. GOD teaches in the last days each and every church will b eruled by satan,
      The true church of GOD is invisible, it is the body of believers who follow and worship GOD by Jesus Christ who is LORD…..

      But what do most do they follow and worship their religion, their ‘church’ and or their chiurch leaders likened to idols, this is idol worship…… and read how God dealt with Israel and Judah when they departed and worshipped IDOLS. Be WARNED and repent.
      Shalom. by Minister Karl God Save me Foundation
      Turn to the LORD and the Bible, the HOLY Word and trust that alone as authority… does GOD not say:
      1Ti_4:1 But the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, cleaving to deceiving spirits and teachings of demons, ??? Does He?
      Examine yourselves and feed not the beastpower, by ‘tithing’ by ‘donations’
      If you need to do something find a homeless family, help them, the poor and hungered, feed and clothe them, vist the orphans and widowed… hera the Word of GOD…it is written what to do. WHO will hear???