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both simple and beautiful.

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We all have different tastes or likes and I am no exception.  I find myself more attracted to the simple wild rose with its 5 petals instead of the hybrid roses with layers and layers of petals.  The simple wild rose is less messy and cluttered.  This is not a put down to elaborations.  It has its place but cluttering is not good. Truth is like a simple wild rose bloom.  It is beautiful and without complications.

If a person denies truth and is sinful they complicate their life with a patchwork of pains and problems.  It is easier to follow the rules that God has written in stone (Exodus 20).  Life is easier if one follows simple truths.  Speaking of the 10 Commandments, Yeshua summed them up in two cardinal rules.  These are found in Matthew 22 and simply stated are: LOVE GOD, and LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR. …..Selah….

pastor Zomok (one of my oil Paintings below)


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    steve zomok

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      3 Responses to “Truth is like a wild rose”


      @steve nice picture once again. What may fit if we put it in biblical perspective, from what I understand:

      First came the 5 number symbolising Preparation (old testament)

      then came the Son of God Jesus Christ, the number 5 symbolising Grace (new testament)

      and the completed number of 10, symbolising completion and perfection….


      You could look at it that way Karl but here is the thing I have noticed besides people complicating their lives…Much of Christiandom has been loaded down with problems and doctrines that are not needed.  God does it one way and man adds and substracts from it.  In nature we see 5 petals on many rosids and blossoms but people have selectively bred these so afterwards there is more mess to clean up after the blooms die or some sort of diseases hit the whole plant, likewise down through time the church has added many complications…look at the many sacraments and doctrines of Catholicism….

      I am for a return to simple gospel truths…


      Truth is……Very good post, my friend…..If people would learn to focus upon what God says, and not what people think, then they would see what the truth really is……

      In many Churches today, the Pastor(s) will preach on what they think, and not on what God says….It’s no wonder there is mass confusion in today’s Christians…..

      It can be overcome….By reading and studying God’s Word…..Come to know what HE”S saying, and live by His Word……