Sep 092015
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The Children of Israel were very restless as they moved slowly through the desert and a good share of them were simply  impatient, when they reached Zin a crisis had been reached as many with their cattle were collapsing from lack of water.  In Numbers chapter 20, we read of the wonderful story of the Waters of Meribah.  The Lord instructed Moses to command a rock cliff to bring forth water and Moses did as he was told.  The text  (v.11) says that Moses struck the cliff and water started to spring forth.  The congregation of folks with their animals consumed much water.  From the story line I am not sure if the Lord told Moses to use his skills as a desert dweller to search out water or to strike an exact spot but the Lord was behind it all (Psalm 78:16).

This reminds me of a few things and lessons can be learned.  Just as God arranged it that water would flow from that hard rock the Lord can also arranged it so good things can come when one is in a hard situation, seemingly, caught between a rock and a hard place.  God will come to the rescue.  We see more here too.   Jesus is the Rock of Salvation, and the Chief Corner Stone!!!  Out of Jesus comes life giving waters, as he told the Samaritan women, at the well.

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      @steve Great post, we need to rely on the Lord who will always provide. It is really relevant in todays days as the persecution increases and wickedness abounds in the world.

      Jesus Christ is our living water of life…. Amen