Nov 242018
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It is often noted that the Book of Isaiah chapter 12 is messianic. Verse three is wonderful in its tone. It reads, “Therefore with joy you will draw water
From the wells of salvation”.

There is also something about it that gives more hint about Jesus, even though the text is from 700 BC., far prior to the time the messiah was born on Earth. The Hebrew word translated “salvation” in this verse is “yeshua” or a form of it. In Hebrew/Aramaic Jesus was called “Yeshua” which has longer forms too but it is the simplest form of the name. The Greeks would often add an “S” to male names so Yeshua would become Iesous in the koine Greek of the NT. The Hebrew Yod would be replaced by the Iota. The form “Jesus”, with a “J” sound is a very late form, of the name, and most seem to have no idea of this.

I have always loved the conversation between Jesus and the Samaritan women. It is sweet and we know that this women must have been surprised as she listened to the voice of Jesus. The Gospel obviously is abbreviated but Jesus wish to give her “Life giving water….”.

Pastor Zomok

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