Jan 182019
Seeking GODs forgiveness - Q & A series

Do I need a special prayer? A: No. We do not recite a formula type prayer, but speak to Him from our repenting heart being honest to what we have done. GOD does give a condition regarding forgiveness, as we read here in Mark 11v26 But if you do not forgive, neither will your Father […]

Oct 142018
Jesus Christ is GOD

JESUS CHRIST is GOD. He came as a man, to walk amongst us, to reveal himself and show that salvation can only be by Him alone. Jesus performed miracles, raised the dead, healed thousands, He was crucified, and rose again on the 3rd day, and was seen by men and women in AD33.  That PROVES […]

Feb 092018
Trust GOD

Man, and his churches have taken the Holy Word, the One Gospel of Jesus Christ and changed it in their wickedness and rebellion into hundreds upon hundreds of differing gospels and doctrines and in these last days even preach another jesus alltogether. It is all foretold perfectly in scripture, even that satan takes rulership in […]

Jun 282017
Feature Blog: Fall in love over again !

[removed] There is nothing more than being in love that turns humans into emotional sandbags. Of instantaneously changing their immediate disposition into one of being carefree, patience and having hope. Authentic love does that to you. It makes you want to be and do better even improving your work and home habits, making you stretch […]

Jun 232017
The Saturday Sabbath of the old testament and the new Sabbath of the new testament, a biblical understanding

. The Saturday Sabbath of the old testament and the new Sabbath of the new testament, biblical understanding .  Religiosity by man dictated from early on, to comply with God’s law to observe the Sabbath, as  is commanded by God. In many churches they try set themselves apart by adhering to their understanding and doctrines, […]

Jun 152017
Everyday is Father's Day !

There is no other relationship that stirs so much connection than that of having and knowing a father. He is the icon for every child that is born into the world no matter the origin, social or economic status. He is to be the example. Now, there are some pretty bad fathers out there but […]

Jun 142017
The Lady at the Well

I was looking at a James Tissot painting of the Samaritan women at the well and I started to ponder about the account which is found in the “Book of John”, chapter 4. In Eastern Orthodox tradition this women was named “Photina”, which means something like, “luminous one”. I doubt if that was her actual […]