Jul 252018
bible key

his book claims to expose the 10 biggest ‘myths’ about Christianity. For the most part it does but it is flawed. (note: it uses MYTH as a synonym for FABLE).

This is a library check out and is a paperback of 203 pages and clearly printed. I would not buy or recommend this book because it promotes the ‘burning hell’ doctrine and holds to an unscholarly view of a parable found in Luke 16:19-31. If it was not for this part of the book it would be a fair book but it fails due to disproved doctrines. Christians are not to be like the rest of the world and ignore truth and facts. We live in a world that will stubbornly hold to things disproved and repudiated by common sense itself as well as true science. Lets look at some things still held by many folks despite being disproved. Lets look at several fields for a minute: In the field of politics we still have some that wish to have bigger government and more programs despite the fact that socialism and near socialism are always failures as a system overall. They always lead to a big debt and loss of freedom. You can not argue with these people. Facts do not matter. We still have pro-abortionist that believe it is ok to abort a full term child thinking it is not human, ignoring the self-evident truth that even many months before birth the fetus has a human body and is alive, which proves its humanity. It is not an opinion that the fetus is human but a fact! Facts do not matter to these folks. In science we find some that ignore ‘biogenesis’ or the fact that living things only come from prior living things. It is not just opinion. 2 plus 2 equals 4 and Life comes from life, but because they are material philosophers they ignore scientific facts. NOW in religion and theology we have some doing the same thing. The parable of the Richman and lazarus is one of these. They use it to promote hell doctrine even though it is about a change of fortune. The jews are losing the kingdom and it is going to the gentiles (Lazarus). The jews that Jesus was speaking to knew this and that the richman is JUDAH..their name origin. Judah was one of the 6 brothers birthed by Leah. This is why the Richman mentions 5 bros. in the parable. A drop of water won’t help put out a fire nor would the richman even be able to speak if on fire. He is in anguish actually… When Christians hold to this ‘hell’ doctrine they are ignoring facts just as those in other fields of study do. Romans 6:23 says, ‘The wages of sin is DEATH, but the gift of God through Christ Jesus is eternal Life’. Paul echoes John 3:16. These scriptures trump the few that are used to promote the traditional view of hell. When Jesus mentioned ‘hell’ or gehenna it was a place of destruction.

Christians should not ignore facts to prop up things that are faulty.
pastor Zomok