Apr 022018
Easter note....Psalm 30

Happy Easter. I am alone and going to work in several hours. It has been very depressing for me lately with several let downs but feel better by fasting for a few days now, which I will continue until Tuesday night. Yes it is the Easter season and the early church offered an alternate to […]

Sep 302017
Teach and Remember

We are all very aware of the fact that malcontents are going around and pulling down war memorials along with historical monuments. This is even being encouraged by so-called civil rights organizations. These activities are evil and mostly senseless. Some do not like some aspects of history but it is important to remember the past […]

May 252017
Don't be overly rigid....

Although we must avoid giving in to worldly activities or running with the crowd we must not be overly rigid either. I am sometimes finding that Christians are being closed minded and not thinking, even condemning other believers for differing opinions on secondary issues. I myself have been condemned by other Christians (?) because I […]

Aug 102016
The Holy Spirit and Biblical Counseling (briefly)

The Greek word translated “Comforter” or “Counselor” (as found in John 14:16) is parakletos. This word means “one called to the side of another”. Jesus is speaking about the Holy Spirit, who travels beside the Christian to guide, comfort, and to counsel. Ultimately speaking God’s spirit is our true Counselor. What we learn from the […]

Jan 252016
Visiting the Pool of Bethesda

I remember a story about a depressed fellow that wanted to get into the waters of the Pool of Bethesda because he read about its healing powers and he wanted to have his sadness taken away.  He finally decided to visit but just before he got close enough to even view the pool an angel […]

Jan 242016
God molds and shapes people

Just as Michelangelo used his various chiseling tools to form his statue of David from a marble rock, God uses circumstances, some painful, to form us into a more Christ like image. It is sometimes said that Michelangelo used a stone that others rejected and thought of as unworkable but a good artist and a […]