Jan 272020
bible key

Shalom brethren and sisters

We are moving into difficult times globally, as the prophecies given by GOD in scripture are getting fulfilled, perfectly as foretold in scripture.
More and more people in the world are clamoring to their religion,  their church or church leaders, cults and sects and thus turning against Holy GOD.

“GOD is in NO religion” Very few can grasp this truth.

GOD says this to the world “You are either with Me. or against Me”
Where do YOU stand, be truthful. Do you follow any of the over 4000 religions?
There is hope and compassion, however GOD says to “SEEK Me with all your heart, mind and soul”
Truth is only found in His Holy Word, the bible.
Be not deceived by the world, nor discouraged, and seek the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation.
minister karl

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