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Apr 012020
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The GOD Save Me Foundation offers its prayers and condolences to all families worldwide concerning the pandemic. In this time we also pray for the Angus Buchan family. This is the time to listen to governments instructions, reach for your bible and study with your family scripture, the Holy Word of the only living GOD. While many ponder where this pandemic came from, the reason it ‘exists’. its purposes and consequences. The answers and warnings are in scripture. Churches and its leaders, nor any religious leaders have any answers or solutions GOD does, His Word does. The pandemic is upon us, and it will pass. We are available for any questions or outreaches. May GOD have mercy and we pray that people will turn to His Holy Word the bible. Shalom and GOD Bless. minister karl jung

Jan 272020
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Shalom brethren and sisters

We are moving into difficult times globally, as the prophecies given by GOD in scripture are getting fulfilled, perfectly as foretold in scripture.
More and more people in the world are clamoring to their religion,  their church or church leaders, cults and sects and thus turning against Holy GOD.

“GOD is in NO religion” Very few can grasp this truth.

GOD says this to the world “You are either with Me. or against Me”
Where do YOU stand, be truthful. Do you follow any of the over 4000 religions?
There is hope and compassion, however GOD says to “SEEK Me with all your heart, mind and soul”
Truth is only found in His Holy Word, the bible.
Be not deceived by the world, nor discouraged, and seek the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation.
minister karl

Jun 262019
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In most bible it is translated like this, as we read here in 1john 2 2 “He is the propitiation for our sins, and not for ours only but also for the sins of the whole world.”  I cannot see the word “all” ?
This LIE has been preached for many generations so near all, if not every christian ‘believes’ it, amongst the many many others. A lie is a lie.

This was done intently, and by sinister instructions, by the many preaching methodologies and strategies to woo new members, increasing the financial pools of the churches. It was also a common practice by the many unsaved church leaders with theologists pushed to use a single verse to create doctrines or false gospels.
let us read 1 john 2.2 from the original tongue translated as we read here “And He Himself is the propitiation relating to our sins, and not relating to ours only, but also relating to all the world” Related verse elsewhere confirm the TRUTH just as I give it.
As GOD never lies nor deceives the verse teaches that ANYONE in the whole world could come to salvation.
The TRUTH as I gave it is so simple that many especially christians who follow their religion instead of GOD cannot see it, nor wish to hear it.
Consider this question carefully “Did Jesus save every person He came across while walking on earth” ?? A BiG NO.
What does the spirit of GOD say? …. READ and STUDY the Word of GOD, the bible
“IF He ‘died’, meaning atoned for the sins of “ALL” then ALL be saved. And that is utter NONSENSE.
Those many who keep following the lies and deceptions will never be set free, this is your choice friend. You may not like the truth, even hate it and me, that I am used to, even insulted often so, however IF anyone hears truth and not rely on their own ‘understandings’ or the world, then SEEK Holy GOD, he or she, including yourself may see salvation come.
Hope this clears it up. Shalom.

Jan 182019

Do I need a special prayer?

A: No. We do not recite a formula type prayer, but speak to Him from our repenting heart being honest to what we have done.

GOD does give a condition regarding forgiveness, as we read here in Mark 11v26 But if you do not forgive, neither will your Father in Heaven forgive your deviations.

Forgiveness is very important. Without GODs forgiveness no one will ever be saved. It is interwoven with salvation. So therefore GOD says you MUST have forgive anyone who has wronged you, else you will NOT receive forgiveness from Him.

If you have any questions, or like the idea of a Q & A series to get answers, share with us.


Oct 142018

JESUS CHRIST is GOD. He came as a man, to walk amongst us, to reveal himself and show that salvation can only be by Him alone. Jesus performed miracles, raised the dead, healed thousands, He was crucified, and rose again on the 3rd day, and was seen by men and women in AD33.  That PROVES the He IS GOD, and we are to TRUST HIM alone. He PROVES and demonstrated SALVATION, which can only come by Him.

AND Him being the Holy spirit of GOD reveals the ONLY LIVING GOD that exists, our beloved  Almighty Father, who is the 1st and the last, and there is none besides Him.

This we do by reading and studying the BIBLE, which is His Word for us men, women and children, who seek Him, and seek salvation to eternal life. KNOW this that “GOD is in NO religion”…..ALL religions are man made and ruled by satan, also called the devil.  Glad to share TRUTH,

We read here in John 1 v17
For the Law was given through Moses, but GRACE and TRUTH came through Jesus Christ.
and in John 8 v32
And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

Minister Karl       Shalom

Feb 092018
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Man, and his churches have taken the Holy Word, the One Gospel of Jesus Christ and changed it in their wickedness and rebellion into hundreds upon hundreds of differing gospels and doctrines and in these last days even preach another jesus alltogether.

It is all foretold perfectly in scripture, even that satan takes rulership in each and every church of the world, and that is completed. Inasmuch as no one who remains in religions and churches will come to salvation, they will perish forever.

We are to trust the bible alone and turn to Him as Lord and saviour and pray for mercy and salvation, and then it May come.

Minister Karl Shalom.

Jun 232017


The Saturday Sabbath of the old testament and the new Sabbath of the new testament, biblical understanding


 Religiosity by man dictated from early on, to comply with God’s law to observe the Sabbath, as  is commanded by God. In many churches they try set themselves apart by adhering to their understanding and doctrines, however in truth they all fall short of scriptural truth and obedience, and in fact satan uses this to divide many, which over the years created many millions religious Christian followers and very few true believers. In fact even many church leaders even claim that their doctrines sets them apart and they are following the ‘true’ path or paths which led to many sects, thus confusion and great deception.
When Jesus walked on earth, Him being God, perfectly knew He would issue, ordain rather, in, a church age, which started in AD33 and ended about 40 years ago. This church age would establish churches whose main task was to bring the Gospel into all the world. Sadly in this time we have seen great division, many killed for their ‘faiths’ even and establishment of denominations and many differing gospels, unlike the one Gospel of Jesus Christ.
So when is the new testament Sabbath ? commanded to be observed until the end of time, in fact even spoken to
and referred to specifically in an elaborated command as one of the 10 commandments. We all understand the old testament Sabbath, carefully observed on the 7th day, the Saturday, specifically as the Friday sunset to Saturday sunset.

Jesus, who is God, changed the Saturday Sabbath to the sunday Sabbath, this occurred when He said ‘It is done’, which heralded His divorce from national Israel, which we know for the ‘curtain of the temple was torn’ as we read this in verses in mark and luke. As prophesied He spent 3 days and nights in the ‘heart of the earth’ and obeying His own law observed the last old Sabbath, and rose on the 1st day which is sunday.
This is where He ushered in the new Sabbath days to be observed, however the bible translators made great error, for their lack of understanding and translated the bibles with their ‘own understandings’ from the original greek tongue. GOD teaches the understanding student to study the original words which come by Him. In fact this truth so few comprehend or understand is so fundamental to the sanction which He gave the churches during the past church age, that it is repeated even, in order to establish absolute certainty and foundation.
Go and read and study all the accounts when mary went to the tomb of the Lord. Jesus, even introduces the new Sabbath, by telling us beforehand the following; that the Sabbath was established for man and that He himself is Lord of the Sabbath also, as we read that in Matt 12v8.
To prove this absolute perfect truth, study all the related verses in matthew, mark, luke and john.
I quote one of the related verses, to study diligently, as is commanded, which says this:
KJV  Mat 28:1  “In the end of the sabbath, as it began to dawn toward the first day of the week, came Mary Magdalene and the other Mary to see the sepulchre.”
However the translators incorrectly translated the verse(s), for as we read, I translate from the original greek tongue to English, as in a literal translation, and this is where the TRUTH lies.
Mat 28:1 actually says this “But late in the Sabbaths, at the dawning into the first of the Sabbaths, Mary the Magdalene and the other Mary came to gaze upon the grave
READ and STUDY carefully the WORDS which came by the mouth of GOD, ‘late in the Sabbaths’ (the old Sabbaths) at the ‘dawning into the FIRST if the SABBATHS’  which PROVE perfectly that Jesus who is GOD, established the Sunday as the NEW SABBATH and this is perfect TRUTH.
I hope this helps those who seek biblical truth, for it cometh by Him alone, In Christ our beloved Lord and Savior.
Carefully also understand the added emphasis God made to keep the Sabbath AND ‘to keep it Holy’ for the new testament Sabbath to be understood to observed the entire DAY during the past church age, and not merely during ‘church hours’, and then thereafter go on as if it where a normal day…..

This is a brief summation, and do not hesitate to ask any questions.

Minister Karl

Dec 062016
The so called new testament tithing is part of the ‘prosperity gospel’; be not deceived brethren and sisters. Most churches run nowadays just like any other business, it is easy money, to deceive the gullible and fleece the poor; this comes by churches preaching ‘tithing’ which is wickedness.
Tithing was ordained by GOD for the levites who where chosen as priests, if any priest did a speck of work, he would die instantly on the spot, so it was ordained, The temple is no longer, it became as ended when the Lord was crucified.
During the church age fromAD33 until it ended 40 years ago, God esatblished in some verses where the disciples speak on monies collected and the responsibilities by the church elders. In the past long gone, the churches used to account for their money and how it was spent, to the very cent, The pastors had no control, just oversight, nowadays it is their money. It has nothing to do with GOD.
GOD has brought judgement on the churches, all churches.
Those days are long gone, not only is the Gospel of Jesus Christ no longer taught in churches, and satan has taken rulership, the pastors as church leaders seek power,fame and money.
Those who tithe in churches, in reality, they FEED the beast power, GOD does NOT allow ignorance, which He winked at in the past. GOD is no longer in the churches, in fact he commands the believers ‘come out of her’ and ‘run into the mountains; but over 2 billion people obey not the Word of God.
This is serious, you see the abuse in all teh churches, their leaders and their preaching against the Holy Word of God, in disobedience and lead many with their deception to HELL. God even foretells that none of them will repent of what they do, and that they are ‘accursed’ by HIM.
I teach this not lightly, nor cerefully, TRUTH is truth, it can never be a lie. Those who know me, know I minister biblical truth, I will never compromise nor sugarcoat the true Gospel, this is what I AM called to do, not for me but to the many deceived, who I love just as GOd does, and for that I give His Word in truth.
Many may disgree, even refuse to TEST every word I declare against scripture, and some do come hating me and the words I speak in Christ.
These things are about death or LIFE, many can choose to repent, turn to Jesus Christ for mercy and salvation, GOD will look into each one’s hearts, and be not like LOT’s wife who looked back in disobedience and became a pillar of salt.
You and I, we ALL have choices, one is the world, the other is GOD.
Those who choose GOD may find salvation by mercy and grace of Jesus Christ who is GOD, and Him alone, for His glory.
What will you choose……..Shalom.
Minister Karl Jung God Save Me Foundation
(IF for any reason there is still a small ‘church’, more like a ‘bible study group; or small assembly, in that biblical sense, and they receive donations just for the upkeep, then that ‘MAY’ still be fine, provided they stand on the Word of God, to the letter, you will have to judge that for yourselves, if that is so. This is what may be permitted, because God still encourages fellowship, but it is not defined biblically, for His good reasons

Mar 202016

I do hope there a some amongst you who have watched this movie…… if not a rare worthwhile watch.

Briefly the movie is about: In Pittsburgh, accomplished pathologist Dr. Bennet Omalu uncovers the truth about brain damage in football players who suffer repeated concussions in the course of normal play.
His deep faith in God motivates his conviction to stand for truth, which sets him against the world, its power, its manipulations and wicked men who will go to all lengths to discourage and discredit him… one man against the world.

This sure is food for thought and motivated me to write this post, as I found myself moved…….

When you become a true believer, you are on God’s side…and world will hate you for His name.

Hear ye me: When you become a follower of a religion, which is a division of beliefs according to groups of people even nations and organised to remain from generations to generations. In Christianity broadly in particular the divisions become further about denominations, also church doctrines, church creeds and families.
If, and when at any time in this ‘journey of many differing beliefs’ God saves you, something remarkable happens….. you become centred on God and his Word, the holy bible…. and then you realise that most things you have ‘heard’ and are spoken of in the world are against the word of God and suddenly find yourself in a situation of choice… very much like the disciples Jesus had chosen…. against the world, which follows and worships its father satan, also called the devil……

We need to realise in truth that satan created religions to divide mankind of the world, which he has done very successfully. Knowing Jesus had come and created His followers of the word, Satan started using first the jews, then the gentiles to go against God. Satan set what God calls ‘tares’ amongst the wheat, the lookalike followers of Jesus to cause deceit and confusion. This led to Paul writing almost 2/3rds of the new testament. Thereafter satan created his church the catholic church to direct the religious belief and in the dark ages that followed the church many millions where killed to enforce this religion. In todays days it re-emerged into the fore as the muslim religion attempts to enforce itself and many many are being killed some likely as you read this. The 2 are actually not much different in their essences, This not being sufficient, satan is (as allowed by God) establishing himself as the ruler of christianity today, coming in the likeness Jesus with all the devices in his wicked disposal, and with much success as all churches are falling one by one and the ‘abomination of desolation’ Daniel spoke of is now all around us ……. all perfectly foretold in Gods word, the bible.

What becomes very clear to me and others like me, when you become a true believer and follow Jesus and trust his word as authority, there will come many many many especially from the most unexpected direction, the christians themselves, and their words become the vilest and condemning and largely the most unbelieving of truth……….astounding but true,.

God loving words are for those few in the world as we read here in Joh 15:18  If the world hates you, you know that it has hated Me before it has hated you.

Jos_1:9  Have I not commanded you? Be strong and brave. Do not be afraid or discouraged, for Jehovah your God is with you in all places where you go

I can surely attest to this over the many past years and God willing, then will many more harsher to come…  I stand for God and His word in truth, and the world is set against it, so be it, ….…I will embrace my suffering with joy and thanksgiving, Amen.

With much love and patience and may some hear and see. Minister Karl