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Is it superman, No.    Is it a building, denomination or Christian organisation of any kind, NO.     Is God in the churches, NO.

Biblically the word church is not even in the bible, that is a fact. In the original tongue the word is an assembly, of believers, no matter where they gather to share and learn. So what is the ‘church’ in scripture, the answer is so simple it eludes many.

The ‘church’ is the body of true believers, the ones who have been saved by GOD, through the grace of Jesus Christ, the holy spirit of the one and only true living GOD.

Amen and Shalom

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      6 Responses to “Who is the Church ?”


      True believers, the saved, the elect, the remnant are seen by the fruits of the spirit….
      The holy spirit of God, the Yahweh, the creator, the God od Abraham, Isaac and david…


      It is simple and well put.  It is simply the assembly of believers in Christ.


      Very true, and simply put…….




      A question was raised by Stacey in another blog “When Jesus spoke of the “church”, what, or which one, was He referring to?

      A very great question indeed and there exist many who really do not understand. Foremost we need to know that every word in the bible in the original language is from the mouth of God, perfect and without error. However translators made quite a few errors, which are easily found when checking the original Hebrew or greek words; therefore we need to take great care when reading scripture when things don’t make sense or rather when there exists no harmony between all related verses… this appears more frequent the more ‘modern’ the bible version is.

      We now need to know that the word ‘church’ actually does not even appear once in scripture, the correct word translated is an assembly. The true ‘church’ rather the assembly of GOD is the body of true believers, those who are saved by the holy spirit of God. Being a christian and going to church does not mean you are saved, nor a believer. The assembly of saints, where the word a saint is a hallowed or a holy person, thus a true believer and follower of Jesus Christ and that is the ‘church’.

      Now it does get interesting, God also knows, as he knows all things from the end to the beginning that man will create churches or assemblies which are gatherings of men or christians and does refer to these also in scripture, like we read how God speaks of the seven churches in revelations which all fall short and are condemned by Gods word.

      Now it gets more interesting, when we realise that God ushered in a ‘church age’ which started in Corinth in 33 AD when 3000 souls were saved after hearing the word of God spoken by the disciples. The task of the church age was for his disciples to take the word of God into the world and preach the one gospel of Jesus Christ. This church age has since ended, then the tribulation age, and right now we are in the great tribulation age which can also be called the judgement age which ends with ‘judgement day’, the ‘return of Jesus Christ’. This great tribulation age is where you have ‘desolation stand in the holy place’, which started about 30/40 years ago when God withdrew the holy spirit from the churches and allows satan to take rulership, in each and every church in the world.

      We also need to understand carefully when the saints assembled and preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ and salvation was coming by the holy spirit, satan immediately got to work. God teaches us in scripture about the ‘wheat and the tares’, Now a tare which is weed looks almost exactly like wheat but is not. These ‘followers’ where placed into the early churches by satan to cause confusion and error; and therefor we also get to understand that Paul who knew this well wrote so many letters to the churches which is about 2/3rd  of the new testament.. the reason God allowed it to happen by using the wickedness of men to His perfect purpose and will. This of course became over the past 2000 years worse and worse as we see and how  unscriptural nearly each and every church is today with so many differing gospel which are all not the one true Gospel of Jesus Christ the disciples taught. Satan did not rest, he further established his church, the catholic church, filled with idolism and utmost deception to persecute true believers and frustrate the Gospel of Christ. God did not permit this freely and the reformation came about, where we have in todays age many  different denominations, creeds, doctrines and religious practises. In truth in todays age, the last days, the most dangerous place on earth is the church, spiritually speaking….

      What does god expect us to do?  God wants us to ensure our church is perfectly in accordance of His word, if not we are to ‘flee into the mountain’ and ‘to come out of her’; and to trust in the bible the word of God and worship Him alone.

      So in summary we have the true church which is the believers, the saved of God also spoken of as the new Jerusalem or Israel;  …and we have the churches as we know them today as congregations and buildings built by men.

      Seek my face by studying, by meditating on the bible, Gods perfect Word ………and worship not any religion, your church nor its leaders.

      Jesus Christ who is God loves you. Glad to share and shalom be upon you.