Oct 102016
bible key

Pain and suffering exist in this fallen evil world. There is no doubt about it, both moral and natural evil do cause pain. This is what exists in this present but temporal age. Some have wondered if it is possible that pain may have a value or can good come out of it? I believe pain or suffering has a possible good end in the Lord’s purpose for his creation! The God of the Bible can bring good out of bad. All things have there season (Ecclesiastes 3:1).

I and many others have pointed out that the best possible world is one in which pain and suffering exist for a season. It is a learning experience and Some good things can come out of suffering. Does not a person gain a stronger character in the midst of both physical and mental suffering? Does not a person become stronger and more patient? Of course these things are true. God knows that in order for each person to be complete or perfected they must experience many things and this includes pain in this temporary age (Romans 5:3–) Some day this age will end and God’s people will be able to reflect on the knowledge of experience and be better for it.


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