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This is a very important one, to understand how far we have fallen in our deceptions….

Churches for most are wealthy and should be regarded the way Jesus regarded the moneychangers in the temple….

Tithing..but its in the bible……Yes it is. Then study what the bible says, it is specific way of offering from your work to the temple for a specific period of time for a specific purpose of God.

Does it continue in the new testament churches, a huge NO.

Who started this,?  The catholic church needed more money for funding their killing sprees ‘crusades’ and payments to kings. People were obligated to pay for their salvation to the pope (church) as being obedient and ‘faithful’. Many widows were also harassed until they signed their wills for the church. This said many kings seeking favour of the one pope who appointed himself to be god, gave many properties for the church. Many thousands heretics and unfavoured folks where tortured and ‘confessed’ and had their possessions taken away..   this continues in a civil manner even today to feed the lusts, the greed’s and the ‘work of the gospel of churches’…….

When you tithe you do give it to the pastor for he controls and uses the money. The days are long gone when churches used to be transparent and declare and show financial statements. In fact a;; churches since 105 3 c are now regarded as corporations and subject to its laws and control, (a new world order agenda) over 75 000 churches in the usa have betrayed theor members by secretly handing over members details to homeland security and there seems to be factual evidence that many received money from fema for it. One day they will know who follows the bible faithfully and you are marked…..

Moneychangers… are silly. AM I?    Churches and evangelists, its leaders make money and for most very much of it. I remember Jesus saying,

And again I say to you, It is easier for a camel to pass through a needle’s eye, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God

but then who is listening, pastors, priests, evangelists and those who sell cd’s, dvd’s, books, magazines, musicians, gospel singers, films, christian  entertainment businesses and more. Collection in churches for missions, for ‘the poor, plays, pagan christmas and easter  celebrations……  wherever you look money money money…..    the they go to the old testament specific for the levitic priesthood (take note here) and quote a verse or 2 and then even pray over it.  For many they follow what other churches do, some in faith and adherence to contribute for their ‘works’ and sometimes the ‘mother’ church.

Jesus Christ came, lived as man and died and rose again on the third day.

Who replaces the priesthood? JESUS CHRIST. Good so far. Lets look at the early assemblies of the disciples and here is the key to tithing.   They formed not churches, men did. They assembled and preached the ONE gospel of Jesus Christ to the assembly. For even God then spoke about an orderly assembly with elders and the conduct of women at the assemblies. God also spoke of the tares (followers) that satan placed in the assemblies to frustrate the gospel.

The key? There is not a single verse that teaches ‘tithing’ in the new testament assemblies, NOT one! A yes, Paul was a tentmaker, so he worked with his hands to support his many travels, parchments and ink. Mostly likely he received food from other believers in their homes. The other disciples where looked after similarly.

Now it get interesting. Paul wrote specifically as we read in: 1Co 16:2

  On one of the sabbaths, let each of you put by himself, storing up whatever he is prospered, that there not be collections then when I come.

What was collected ? Clothing, food and blankets for taking with to the poorer churches

There are many verses for example the 70 that Jesus sent on a mission fieldtrip, they where commanded not to take money.  

Ok, back to 21st century. The argument lies that buildings and pastors need money.

Let the elders apportion for the costs and a humble salary for the leader if it must be so.

Now to the person who tithes, what are you sowing you money into? Tithing is unbiblical. Churches should rely then on donations as ‘gifts’ from its members strictly transparent and accounted for.

Now comes the final line… is your church actually doing Gods work in teaching biblical (entirely perfectly biblical truth) or are they stumbling in the dark preaching darkness with the many other gospels that they preach….. and that is where you sow your money.

We all love the fellowship on sundays, but that’s not where it ends……we start with the so called ‘worship singing’ and the tithing and the sermon and go back home to watch football or send the kids to the friends.

Anyone poor and destitute asks me for food or clothes, I use my money to feed them or clothe them. …….

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      2 Responses to “TITHING A deception or truth?”


      I appreciate your views and will pray on it and although Im working on my Christian walk with Christ daily and need to maintain a finacial balance concerning tithe in my own life, I must say that Im not sure I agree with this. I believe indeed that the Lord may require us to faithfully tithe and give offering whether the church is in need or not – for it is not about  the church when giving but ourselves and the relationship we have with Jesus Christ. Additionally, the church will answer to the Lord about how they handle believers money but I do feel that tithing is an important area of a Christians walk that should be fulfilled and we will answer for it as well. Again its prayer I will seek answers for but thought I would insert my comment on the matter.

      Thank you


        Hi Michelle Nice to hear your views.. I need to state that I am merely stating what the bible, Gods word declares about this matter in scripture…
        It is common sense that the man made churches require funding to pay for everyday things, I am sure the Lord knew this when the church age was still in place up to about 30/40 years ago. In those days collections where made for this purpose of running the church, very strict control by elders and accounting reports available and given to the church members anytime on request…. That does not happen any more or rarely, …many churches have become mega wealthy with their prosperity gospels not from scripture and the leaders live also in large mansions and some even travel in jets… these leaders surely have forgotten the verse “How it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter heaven
        ….be that as it may the reason for this post was to teach from scripture that ‘tithing’ in the new testament era is unbiblical and there is no support for this from scripture..
        the further issue is the practise of the pastors and leaders to ‘compel’ their members to pay monies to them and there exist quite a few specific ideologies and tactics which found elsewhere in corporations and businesses..  we need always to keep in mind how Jesus felt and reacted when walking into  the temple and finding the moneychangers…..   Glad to share
        For myself I sow in the word, not with money…. if we are good stewards of the little we become blessed with we need to use it wisely … even buy food for someone who is hungry or assist as God call one to do…  
        Always bear in mind the church of God is the body of believers, not made by hands of men….Shalom