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Several years ago a pro-Islamic lady said to me, “Why would I choose the Biblical Jesus over the Muslim Jesus (Isa) as they mention him too in their Koran”?

I said to this lady that indeed the Koran does mention Jesus about 96 times but why would you consider what the Koran says about Jesus as equal to what the New Testament says?  Do you not know that the New Testament Gospels were produced between 64 and 94 AD, by the disciples and the people that knew them in the first century, whereas, the Koran did not appear until about 800 AD, about 700 years later!!!!  My dear lady lets change the whole chronology and lets say the ministry of Jesus took place in 1929 America at the time the stock market crashed, and lets keep the relative chronology going.  With this in mind the whole activities of the original disciples and Paul would have been from 1930 to about the 1990s and even now (2010 then) there would be eyewitnesses to Jesus around, moreover, all the gospels would have been spread around by now.  And my dear lady you would have to wait until about the year 2800 AD for the Koran, so which testimony of Jesus would be more accurate?  The lady seemed stunned with eyes wide open! Then She looked flush and deflated..

At any rate I gave a good answer!  It is true that the Koran (or Quran) does mention Jesus (isa) but it is not as accurate in its view of Jesus and denies facts about Jesus. Here is a verse of the Koran—

And they said we have killed the Messiah Jesus son of Mary, the Messenger of God. They did not kill him, nor did they crucify him, though it was made to appear like that to them; those that disagreed about him are full of doubt, with no knowledge to follow, only supposition: they certainly did not kill him. On the contrary, God raised him unto himself. God is almighty and wise.

— Quran surah 4 ……..

Historically speaking Jesus was crucified and put into a tomb, as the gospels say, and historically speaking a few days later, the tomb was empty, and historically speaking the disciples, now apostles (sent ones) changed the world in a few generations.  The Koran denies these truths.  Even Jewish and secular sources of the first and second centuries mention Jesus and his execution (Josephus as one example)..

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      One Response to “I defeated a Muslim”


      Well put Steve, islam is a religion like all others. All religions are made by man for man.

      Its a matter of who one believes is the only living God that exists. When you compare the infallible word of God in the bible, together with the historical proofs that Israel and Judah where favoured by the God Yahweh, then you know where to start putting your trust. When God says in His word, his only begotten son is Jesus Christ then surely trust it. It is the only belief that changes people for the good and produces pure love and compassion.

      The Koran denounces Jesus (therefore Gods word) as the son of God, and call him a messenger instead, since they cannot historically argue what he was and is. Then they elevate a mortal man called muhammed which pronounces death and destruction and even elevated spiritual rewards for killing non muslim religion people of any race or gender. Satan did great works here, for many millions upon millions follow this religion of hate.

      Other religions are slightly less destructive, but many just as fanatic and obsessive and also lead by satan.

      In fact satan even placed tares (lookalike believers) in the early Christian assemblies to go against God and  his word. This after bit more than 2000 years is reaching its pinnacle in world wide deception.

      Sadly it is true that all religions (including the Christian religion) will destroy billions of people by deception and lies from their father, the devil.

      We are to turn and trust only in Gods word, the bible and hopefully Jesus Christ will have mercy, save oneself and family and lead one in Christ Jesus, the one who was crucified and rose again after 3 days…    and was seen alive after the tomb was opened before going to heaven… only a true living God can show mankind this… not men with their religions which lead to death and destruction…    I chose Jesus Christ, or rather He chose me to serve him according to His perfect will and love, Amen