Jan 262017
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The study of both Hebrew and Greek can be rewarding and opens one eyes to deeper understanding. A good example is the issue of faith and the supposed differences between Paul and James. Actually there really was never a contention as both men held to a Hebrew form of faith rather than abstract faith or an idea. In Genesis 15:6 we find Abraham was counted as righteous because he supported the Lord; he relied on the Lord. He had a form of EMUNAH faith. True faith always has a flowering of good things coming out of it. James was concerned about dead abstract faith being substituted for genuine trust and the good it generates.

I hardly know Hebrew or Greek but over the last 15 years I have picked up some of both languages and it can open one up to deeper understandings. Another thing too is that it is always good to go back and look through the older blogs and postings. I hope those reading will find this short study helpful.

Pastor Zomok

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      One Response to “A quick study in true FAITH”


      Absolutely on point, even as we find the translation errors in Holy scripture we need to check with the original Hebrew or Greek,  and then we may perhaps trust our understanding if all the related verses harmonise. Essential thus and very good advice for any scholar, thank you brother.
      What will astound many, when one reads scripture taking  the Hebrew letters and by its image connected to the words it opens up another ‘world’ and perspectives.    Shalom