Feb 092017
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We all go through tuff times and unfortunate circumstances but the believer, in the true and only God, will come through these experiences and be better off. We see an excellent example in the experiences of Hagar. She was an Egyptian servant women that Abraham acquired in his travels. As the story goes there was always some issues between Abraham’s wife Sarah and Hagar, as Genesis 16- tells us, but things became worse after the birth of Hagar’s son Ishmael (meaning: God hears). Because this boy was a son of Abraham Sarah was troubled that he would dominate her own son Isaac. Sarah wanted her gone, although this troubled Abraham. Hagar, with Ishmael, were sent off (alone) in a very desolate land with only modest amounts of food and water. Imagine how you would feel. She with a child has basically been abandoned in a desert, which is a life and death matter. Finally in Genesis 21:15-we read that she was so distraught that she sat down some distance away from Ishmael so she would not have to watch him die of thirst. A crisis point had been reached. She and her sons circumstances were about as painful and hopeless as one can imagine, yet the God who sees and hears all finally delivered her and Ishmael. Ishmael later became the ancestor of many peoples. One can see the great change of fortune in the story of Hagar.

You too may be going through sad times and trouble but God allowed you to be in such circumstances and can deliver you. This is one reason why we find such stories in the word.

pastor Zomok

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      Thank you for sharing, only saw this now.
      GOD always comes through, not in our time but His alone and accrdig to His perfect will and pleasure. GOD bless.