Mar 172017
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He has inscribed a circle on the surface of the waters,

at the boundary of light and darkness.”–Job 26:10 NAS


In the verse above I found myself intrigued because it reminded me of the Earth from space with the sun shining on half of the planet due to our planets rotation. The many translations vary so I wanted to check and see if a word relating to curvature or circle is actually in the text. I found it, a form of it, to be in the text. It is the word “chug/khug” (Strongs#2328) and does indicate a curvature of sorts even though it is not describing a sphere. Just the same the boundary of light and darkness is on the curved face of the earth and from outer space it looks rather sharp. Does this point to a flat round pancake or a globe? I think you will agree that it is hinting at a globe and it’s rotation.

Steve Zomok

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