Jun 142017
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I was looking at a James Tissot painting of the Samaritan women at the well and I started to ponder about the account which is found in the “Book of John”, chapter 4. In Eastern Orthodox tradition this women was named “Photina”, which means something like, “luminous one”. I doubt if that was her actual name for several reasons. This lady possibly would visit the well at warmer times too avoid others, who generally came to fetch their water in the mornings or near sunset. She did not, evidently, have the best reputation as she has been living with several different men over time. She wished to avoid the gossips and so came to the well when less folks were around. The last thing she expected was to meet the Messiah and receive life giving spiritual water. Needless to say, her life changed for the better and, perhaps, she became a luminous one as she probably told people, for years to come, about her meeting the messiah at the well.  This water is available to all…

The words of Jesus, as found in verse 14, are nearly poetic, “those who drink the water I give will never be thirsty again. It becomes a fresh, bubbling spring within them, giving them eternal life.”What is born of the flesh is flesh but what is born of the Spirit is Spirit.

pastor Zomok

Sep 042015
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both simple and beautiful.

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We all have different tastes or likes and I am no exception.  I find myself more attracted to the simple wild rose with its 5 petals instead of the hybrid roses with layers and layers of petals.  The simple wild rose is less messy and cluttered.  This is not a put down to elaborations.  It has its place but cluttering is not good. Truth is like a simple wild rose bloom.  It is beautiful and without complications.

If a person denies truth and is sinful they complicate their life with a patchwork of pains and problems.  It is easier to follow the rules that God has written in stone (Exodus 20).  Life is easier if one follows simple truths.  Speaking of the 10 Commandments, Yeshua summed them up in two cardinal rules.  These are found in Matthew 22 and simply stated are: LOVE GOD, and LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR. …..Selah….

pastor Zomok (one of my oil Paintings below)