Sep 172015
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Is this verse not a clear and direct command?

1Ti_2:12  But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.

When I brought this up on another site, I was scathingly attacked and eventually the post was deleted, perhaps to unpopular and against world view. I am not here to please man, but God……

God has a established a natural and spiritual order, can we just go and do as we please even use his beloved name as a cover….   Will those that teach biblical truth against churches and the  Christian religion eventually be silenced  by the delete button….

This has nothing to do with world made rights of equality of women. Lets follow the bible as authority.

Christ is the high priest, Man the head of the house and family and the woman the caregiver subservient unto the husband…

Now it gets interesting if you study the Hebrew letters in this regard actually the woman completes the man in marriage to become the head of the house…. and part of the God family. and then the two become one spiritually…. assuming always all is done in Gods favour and will and love………

This has nothing to do with equality issues and agendas, nor be demeaning to women in general.

When it comes to a woman preaching or leading a church, that is against God’s word, the bible.

In heaven there is no male or female, we all just are ‘sons of God’ in perfect harmony and love.

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  8 Responses to “Woman pastors, preachers and leaders ? Unbiblical?”


    Lets expound with scripture to get a better understanding before we look at assuming that Phoebe or Prisca preached to brethren, there is no such conclusive proof in the bible.

    We read in

    1Ti 2:10 but–which becometh women professing godly piety–through good works.

    1Ti 2:11 Let a woman in quietness learn in all subjection,

    1Ti 2:12 and a woman I do not suffer to teach, nor to rule a husband, but to be in quietness,

    1Ti 2:13 for Adam was first formed, then Eve,

    1Ti 2:14 and Adam was not deceived, but the woman, having been deceived, into transgression came,

    We need to hear Gods word and abide by it, nor hear, nor listen if we come across it. God has set specific roles for believers which are equally important for men and for women.


    I used to follow Joyce Meyer before until many things don’t make sense from what they say when you compare to the bible… to find anyone preaching truth from the bible I have not yet found anywhere.


    @ Janet….It took my husband and I a while to find a Church with Bible Speaking Ministers/Pastors….But found one we did…..We’ve been members of our Church now for 20 years (This past April)….

    If you can’t find a Church that is Bible Teaching, then…..Rely on the Bible for teaching…..


    As unpopular as this view is in our day & time, it’s still truth. Women’s lib doesn’t change the Word of God & as male chauvinist as they say Paul was, that doesn’t change it either. I always quote Nelson Mandel: Lead from the back & let others believe they are in front. There is great power in a woman’s submission. Those who condemn the Christian & say it demeans a woman doesn’t understand the truth of these teachings. They don’t see that there is actually power in a woman not being the head. Personally, I love it. When Eve bit of the fruit in the Garden of Eden, who did God put the blame on? As you said, it also has nothing to do with the woman being less of a person.


    Some get all bent about this because they think women are being treated as  lower beings than  men.  They are mixing up ontology with roles.  Men and women are ontological equal.  They are both equally human but are still different.  The office of “pastor” is meant to be a fatherly role, likewise only women have the ability to give birth to babies. They are both equal and above the animal creations but have different roles and things they have to do.

    Some make the same sort of mistake when it comes to the Godhead when they note that Jesus Christ is subordinate to the Father and jump to the conclusion that Christ, the Logos, must have been a creation of the Father and a lower being.  Jehovah Witnesses are good ones for this, however,  the Father and the Son are both equally divine but have different roles.  As Christians we must keep are heads clear on this.