Jul 272015

The big question each one must face is: Do I have such a fear of God that I tremble before Him if I suspect a doctrine I hold may be contrary to the Word of God….

To say it another way, if I discover that a doctrine my church teaches is not faithful to God’s Word, do I tremble in fear? We must remember that any doctrine we hold that is not faithful to the Bible is a lie. It is something developed by men. Therefore, to believe that this doctrine is true, when in actuality, it is not true to the Bible, is to place our trust in men rather than in God. Actually, it is a sin equivalent to that committed by ancient Israel as they worshipped God in Jerusalem but also worshipped other gods at the high places. This was such a serious sin that God finally destroyed Israel in 709 B.C. and Judah in 587 B.C.

What is the desolation spoken of by Daniel and Matthew 24. When we study (watch the seasons and time) we discover that God set a ‘church age’ until the time of tribulation and finally the great tribulation. We have entered the end time days where GOD has withdrawn the holy spirit from the ‘churches’, as true believers where driven out or left by themselves. This started about 30 years ago widely accelerated by the charismatic movement initiated by the freemasonic power, such as billy graham and others. We also read that very few will become saved in this time.

This is a final testing on believers. God further teaches us that He allows satan to take rulership in each and every church in the world.

We also need to understand that the ‘church age’ started 33AD at Corinth and we read when we study carefully that satan got very busy planting as God explains the nature and the ‘wheat and tares’. Two thirds of the new testament accounts for that.

In fact GOD commanded, go and preach the ‘Gospel of Jesus Christ’ and what do we have today hundreds of differing gospels by self ordained preachers, pastors, leaders worldwide. God calls them unrighteous teachers, coming with tongues, self salvation doctrines, ‘worship’ music, signs and wonders and wickedness abounds unabated.

It gets better, GOD tells us in the last days (what?) in the last days ‘The whole world wanders after the beast’ (that includes all the Christian churches). WHY are you surprised? In fact the gospel taught by the disciples is so rare to find like a grain of sand on a big beach.

Why is this so, …well two things come to the fore here, one is that the ‘great tribulation’ time is also judgement from God, in fact what we consider judgement day is actually biblically a period of 8400 days or 23 years. Today we have the blind leading the blind worldwide, including most Christians.

What is the good news? Well we have God telling us that the 2 witnesses (that where killed (silenced) will rise again to amazement of the world and preach the true gospel when then millions will become saved, in fact close to 200 million will be saved and children, woman and men will hear and speak the true gospel…

the one and only true ‘Gospel of Jesus Christ’ as taught by the disciples.

I put this to you, ask yourself ,is your church leader a picture of Jesus Christ?

Trust only the bible, God’s word for man, heed his warnings and commands. Compare scripture with scripture, study, pray to the holy spirit, forsake Christian idoltry and carefully check translation of modern bibles. Pray to Jesus Christ who is GOD,… have mercy on you and seek him high above, He loves you and me….. Amen

Glad to share and will gladly provide verses to prove above summarised statements. Shalom and love.