Oct 132016
bible key

Some suggest that the creator is responsible for all suffering including yours. Is this true? I would say that God certainly allowed that pain and sin could come about, after all, God is sovereign and all things that exist have been allowed otherwise God would not be in control… There are different ways to look upon this.

Should one blame God for all their pains, because he did create everything? I think God allows the present order of things for a higher purpose. Think of your parents and ask yourself if you would blame them for all your personal suffering. Your parents did, in a round about way, create you. They knew that you would have future pains and heartaches since every person does but I doubt if you would blame them for every hurt you experience. You would not blame them and likely would not hold them responsible. God is a higher parent and has thoughts and thinking far above ours (Isaiah 55:8-9)…

Pastor Zomok