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Welcome beloved brethren, here’s a range of free books on bible study….



1 . First principles of Bible study     -1st principles of bible study the biblical way

2. What is the true Gospel?      -How to indentify the one true Gospel of Jesus Christ

3. Gospel of Grace     -Gospel of Grace

4. Feed my Sheep   -Instructions for true believers

5. Exposition of Galatians    -Study of Galatians

6. Marriage -What God has joined       -What GOD says about marriage

7. We talk to God in prayer     – Prayer and how to

8. Wheat and Tares      – True believers and the false believers

9. Speaking in Tongues    – Truth about understanding tongues

10. Sunday the Sabbath    -What is the new testament Sabbath day

11. The biblical calendar     -Biblical calendar studied

12. The Fig tree    -Who is the Fig tree? Is it Israel?

13. The glorious Garden    -Garden of Eden explained

14. The number of Kings    -The true study of the number of the kings

15. The 70 weeks of Daniel 9    -Prophecy of the seventy weeks in Daniel

16. End of the Church Age    -All about the church age and it ends at start of tribulation age

17. The ultimate terror     -Judgement day

18. When is the rapture     -Prophecy and rapture

19. Witness of the Word     -Witness

PDF links on all pages for downloading and easy offline reading

  1. Gods timeline of the bible    -Biblical timeline from Adam -Patriarchs  (Visual)
  2. Genealogy from Isaac            -(Visual)

We trust You enjoy the bible study books and do send a message to Admin, if there are any questions..

God bless you and Shalom….

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Jesus Christ is GOD
The Saturday Sabbath of the old testament and the new Sabbath of the new testament, a biblical understanding
A quick study in true FAITH
Tithing today, a blessing or unbiblical?
Pain can have a real value
How we view things briefly stated
The Holy Spirit and Biblical Counseling (briefly)
God's Courage
God molds and shapes people
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Other Big Stories
Tithing today, a blessing or unbiblical?

Tithing today, a blessing or unbiblical?

The so called new testament tithing is part of the ‘prosperity gospel’; be not deceived brethren and sisters. Most churches run nowadays just like any other business, it is easy money, to deceive the gullible and fleece the poor; this comes by churches preaching ‘tithing’ which is wickedness. Tithing was ordained by GOD for the […]

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God's Courage

God’s Courage

I do hope there a some amongst you who have watched this movie…… if not a rare worthwhile watch. Briefly the movie is about: In Pittsburgh, accomplished pathologist Dr. Bennet Omalu uncovers the truth about brain damage in football players who suffer repeated concussions in the course of normal play. His deep faith in God […]

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The Long Suffering God and "hell" doctrines

The Long Suffering God and “hell” doctrines

I have covered many aspects of the faulty doctrine of an eternal burning hell, logically pointing out that the penalty for sin is death (Romans 6:23) and how Yeshua came and suffered that very penalty.  I have also logically argued that in the end of time God will have a perfect creation without sin, which […]

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