Jul 312017
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As Christian, we are called to impact the world  not only with the Salvation of Christ but as God originally intended as His expressed image to be part takers in His creation and purpose.

We do this as is taught in the Bible; by the Holy Spirit and the Final commandment, to Love !

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  One Response to ““God is wise and powerful! Praise him forever and ever””


    Dear Christnme

    We auto remove any url’s posted as they are considered by the inbuilt software as potential spam, please be aware of this and no longer post those url’s to promote your website or products.

    We do encourage anyone to post on this forum and discussion website, however blatant religiousity or theological doctrines are discouraged at great length.

    What distinguishes this site that it is ad and promotion free and it is designed entirely to give opinions on Holy scripture to stimulate discussion and where in need biblical correction, with quoted texts and biblical accuracy.

    The entire world is deceived foremost also with ‘christian theology’ and innumerable perverse doctrines and sinister deceptions and we as editors and  members of this site wish no part of this.
    Scripture is perfectly clear on these matters.

    We wish for anyone to post and hope this will attract discussion, as GOD says “All scripture is God breathed and to be used for correction, doctrine and proof”…..

    We hope you will adhere and post only matters which will inform, encourage and lead to greater understanding of Holt scripture.

    The board of GOD Save Me Foundation