Jul 242017
bible key

Put on, Christ! Again; I say, “Put on Christ”! For without Him there is no peace. By insidiousness does the dark one works for a false peace of control. But by Christ is there peace of love. For love conquers all, only when done in peace and by the Word of Truth. For is not all things made for Him, including peace? Who then can deny in Him is peace.

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  One Response to “Letter to the Faithful. – Put on Christ!”


    Can anyone put on Christ, no.
    The bible has 2 verses speaking about ‘putting on Christ’, it is  in romans and galatians.
    These verses address the believers directly, in contrast a christian as a unbeliever is not able to put on Christ. What does it mean.?
    It is symbolic language of instruction to outwardly show that Christ is in you, in all your words, your actions and dealings.
    It reminds me of the verses where God speaks of the light as by mark and matthew, to be the loght of the world.