Jun 282017
Feature Blog: Fall in love over again !

[removed] There is nothing more than being in love that turns humans into emotional sandbags. Of instantaneously changing their immediate disposition into one of being carefree, patience and having hope. Authentic love does that to you. It makes you want to be and do better even improving your work and home habits, making you stretch […]

Jun 262017
Letter to the Faithful - Train Up !

[removed] Do you understand the war you have been called into? The fray that has made you marked with the Blood of the Lamb? How be it then as a soldier in the army of Christ and all that is Righteous before Heaven’s Throne; there is a failure to train up for the battle head?

Jun 232017

Jesus said, “I go to prepare a place for you, for in My Father’s house are many mansions” – Jn. 14:2. Not only will we be completely renewed into His image but also rewarded with things of beauty. For how can we receive a mansion and it not be furnished? God is generous to those […]

Jun 232017
The Saturday Sabbath of the old testament and the new Sabbath of the new testament, a biblical understanding

. The Saturday Sabbath of the old testament and the new Sabbath of the new testament, biblical understanding .  Religiosity by man dictated from early on, to comply with God’s law to observe the Sabbath, as  is commanded by God. In many churches they try set themselves apart by adhering to their understanding and doctrines, […]

Jun 212017
My Lord, My God, my Cross.

There is nothing that is more transformational than coming to the realization that your life was more important than that of Jesus. And that no greater love exist than to give yours for another as stated, “No greater love” – Jn. 15:13. For when God saw the future of man, He immediately knew His Word; […]

Jun 192017
Letter to the Faithful - Be not offended !

Be not offended. For it is your trial onto the Glory of Christ. Where we, who are the Body of Christ are tested and strengthened for the day of coronation. When we will receive the crown of Salvation, having made proven worthy of Christ. For God’s love is never easily offended and we are the […]

Jun 152017
Everyday is Father's Day !

There is no other relationship that stirs so much connection than that of having and knowing a father. He is the icon for every child that is born into the world no matter the origin, social or economic status. He is to be the example. Now, there are some pretty bad fathers out there but […]

Jun 142017
The Lady at the Well

I was looking at a James Tissot painting of the Samaritan women at the well and I started to ponder about the account which is found in the “Book of John”, chapter 4. In Eastern Orthodox tradition this women was named “Photina”, which means something like, “luminous one”. I doubt if that was her actual […]

Jun 122017
Letter to the Faithful - Rest !

For God who by Christ wrought for us the freedom from the labor of Salvation has made us by Grace to sit in Heavenly places and to be the light that shines His Glory of Hope, Faith, and love. So rest assured, God has already by His Word, established all things for us before needed, […]