Sep 232016
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Fear is never the option for Christians and knowing that in this world, will face trials and tribulations, must cling to God and His Word to be overcomers and triumph over these things. For only by this stand and taking the appropriate actions as the Word dictates to meditate, pray and call things as if they were by Faith, will we see God’s Glory not only manifest in our lives as a testimony to Him but also for our Victory to be an edification to our belief in a God who’s very thought towards us is for peace.


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  2 Responses to “of Fear.”


    A perfect love drives away fear…–1 John 4:8


    Absolutely, men should fear God’s wrath and turn to him for Hi love and salvation; once anyone becomes saved by the beloved Lord Jesus Christ, any fear one may have had will be replaced by hope; fear no longer has any dominion. A true believer has no fear of anything……Shalom