Aug 302016
Letter to the Faithful - The battle continues ! I know the struggle can be heavy at times and more so as we stand in his name. Never allow the things of this world to distract us from the finish line and the eternal joy that is our rightful inheritance. As you, I need the gathering of the faithful so that with each […]

Aug 262016
Feature Blog: Intellect vs Intelligence

[url auto removed] This is intelligence as ordained by God and not by the intellect of man. We all have been endowed with certain key traits which are not the characteristics of stature, ability or biases. These key traits are the core of a Godly image and cannot be alienated due to our surroundings and […]

Aug 102016
The Holy Spirit and Biblical Counseling (briefly)

The Greek word translated “Comforter” or “Counselor” (as found in John 14:16) is parakletos. This word means “one called to the side of another”. Jesus is speaking about the Holy Spirit, who travels beside the Christian to guide, comfort, and to counsel. Ultimately speaking God’s spirit is our true Counselor. What we learn from the […]