Jan 272016
Christians and Christmas

Christians And Christmas “The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it” (1 Cor. 10:26). It is often said that Christians should avoid Christmas and Easter because they have historical connections to pagan rituals. However, because 1 Cor. 8-10 tell us that it is OK to eat the meat that pagans have sacrificed to demons, […]

Jan 252016
Visiting the Pool of Bethesda

I remember a story about a depressed fellow that wanted to get into the waters of the Pool of Bethesda because he read about its healing powers and he wanted to have his sadness taken away.  He finally decided to visit but just before he got close enough to even view the pool an angel […]

Jan 242016
God molds and shapes people

Just as Michelangelo used his various chiseling tools to form his statue of David from a marble rock, God uses circumstances, some painful, to form us into a more Christ like image. It is sometimes said that Michelangelo used a stone that others rejected and thought of as unworkable but a good artist and a […]