Aug 292015
Images and pictures of Jesus? Good or Bad?

This is not in judgement but in observation. Oh so many, so many love paintings, pictures of Jesus etc.and we see many of these in old churches, and some in modern churches ……  WHY? Does it not somehow astound anyone, how similar all the pictures of Jesus through time are?? Why?  Is it from God or mammon.? Does God command anywhere […]

Aug 262015
Speaking in tongues in new testament churches -Unbiblical

In the Bible, God repeatedly describes the nature of the sin of the church. Much that is unbiblical goes on in congregations and denominations today. This is not apostasy in sects and cults, which obviously are under the power of Satan; rather, it is in evangelical, Bible -related churches. To our utter consternation,  these sins apply […]

Aug 262015
End times prophecy according to the word of GOD and not the world….

  The world has given us numerous and varied as many interpretations, deceptions, lies, from so called prophets, televangelists, christian book authors, even from the wicked left behind series and many more, some because they understood not, others because they came to deceive intentionally the world….. To get to know the true gospel by Jesus Christ […]

Aug 182015
GODs PERFECT SPIRITUAL PLAN of salvation ...a biblical understanding.

GODs PERFECT SPIRITUAL PLAN of salvation …a biblical understanding Let’s see what God says from the bible: We need to understand spiritually, God is spirit. In the beginning was GOD, from everlasting to everlasting, the Almighty Father. Let us look at what GOD teaches us. Jesus Christ before creation atoned for the sins of who he […]